Wireless Networks

The Site Survey

The objective of a site survey is to ensure that the wireless signal does not drop as mobile users move around, thus disconnecting them from the host device or other mobile devices, and causing potential data loss. A site survey also helps IT managers and system administrators understand the impact of a wireless network on their overall networking and system requirements.

Survey Considerations

There are four major areas to be explored when developing a wireless network design and all should be considered in terms of future expansion as well as current needs.

Range and Coverage:

The physical area and characteristics of the space where wireless network coverage is needed must first be defined.

Data Rate and Capacity:

Determining the required data rate and capacity are essential to assessing the number of wireless access points needed for the site.


It is important to assess potential sources of interference on the wireless network, both now and in the future.

Connectivity and Power Requirements:

Wireless network constraints within the environment are among the most commonly overlooked issues that must be included in the site survey.